The Rise of Minnesota’s Plastic Industry

Mar 19, 2024

Minnesota has long played a major role in the plastics manufacturing industry. While plastic was first experimented with in the late 19th and early 20th century, the industry itself of manufacturing plastic materials for commercial and industrial use didn’t get its start until the 1950s.

Since those early beginnings, the plastics industry and the markets that depend on it have grown significantly. New technologies in plastic parts manufacturing, such as injection molding and 3D printing, have allowed for the significant growth of the industry and increased the number of products that can be made per cycle. Other companies have been developing stronger plastics that are biodegradable or designed for easy recyclability to better meet the requirements of sustainability.

The Hub of Plastics Manufacturing

Many Minnesota plastics manufacturing companies got their start during the industry’s rise in the following decades. They grew along with the industry, often pushing it forward to new innovations, and have seen all of the advancements through the years.

Today, according to the Plastics Industry Association, the plastics and related industries combined employ over 850,000 people in Minnesota alone, and the state is ranked 18th in the country in plastics industry employment. Plastics have also become more and more widespread in their use across many different markets, with rising demand from end-user industries and the recent developments in additive manufacturing.

Minnesota has become a hub for the industry, thanks to the long history of many of its plastics manufacturing companies. Quadion LLC/Minnesota Rubber and Plastics, Gemini Inc., and Plastech Corporation are some of the largest plastic parts manufacturers in the state, and the country, are based out of Minnesota. The state is also home to Plastec Minneapolis, a major design and manufacturing event that brings together the experts in plastics engineering and manufacturing across many different markets, as well as the biggest automotive, commercial, medical, and electronics OEMs from across the country and the world.

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