Injection Molding in Minnesota: An Industry Overview

Feb 2, 2024

Minnesota has long been a hub for a wide range of manufacturing sectors, from food processing to industrial manufacturing. However, Minnesota is also home to a large number of plastic injection molding companies as well. The state has a long history of injection molding, with many companies across the state boasting several decades of being in business.

This article serves to give a brief overview of the manufacturing industry in Minnesota, as well as the history of injection molding, and a quick look at Minnesota injection molding company, Darter Plastics, Inc.

An overview of manufacturing and injection molding in Minnesota

Minnesota has always had a long history of manufacturing, not just in the size of its manufacturing sector, but also the high education of the workforce in the sector. Many of the injection molding companies in Minnesota have been around since the mid-1900s, some passed down across generations of families, others growing and expanding as they’ve changed ownership and improved their facilities.

Like the rest of the manufacturing industry in the state, Minnesota’s injection molding sector was hit in the recession, but in the past decade and a half, continued to grow significantly. While not one of the largest parts of the manufacturing sector in the state, injection molding continued to grow as well–to date there are nearly a hundred different suppliers of injection molding services in the state.

Darter Plastics: Supporting local and worldwide manufacturing

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