Designing for Success: The Art of Custom Plastic Mold Creation

Mar 26, 2024

Designing for Success: The Art of Custom Plastic Mold Creation

When it comes to plastic injection molding for prototypes or new products, a large majority of the project is dedicated to creating custom plastic molds–the tooling that will actually be used to make the part. There are several things to consider when designing and manufacturing these molds, from the various aspects of the part’s design to the budget set aside specifically for tooling. Here are the four main things to consider for custom plastic mold creation.

Product Design

The design and structure of the mold will always depend largely on the size, dimensions, and complexity of the components that will be made with it. For instance, some molds will have multiple cavities in order to accommodate larger numbers of simpler parts, or for complex components that will need to be assembled after molding. The more complex the design of the part, the more complicated the design for the mold will be.

Production Volume

The number of parts that will need to be made also plays a large role in the design of a custom plastic mold. If the mold will be accommodating large or long production runs, then it will have to be durable and long-lasting. Custom molds for shorter production runs or prototype runs require much less durability as they won’t need to last as long.

Custom Mold Materials

The production volume of the project often plays a large role in what material is selected for the mold, in addition to the type of plastic being shaped and the duration of the production run. Longer production runs will require more durable mold materials–which can be more expensive. Shorter production runs on the other hand typically won’t require highly durable materials.

The type of plastic to be molded plays a large role in the selection of tooling material as well. For instance, a more abrasive plastic will require a much stronger mold that can endure the impact of the plastic material against it.


The majority of overall production costs for a new, molded plastic component, goes into designing and creating a custom plastic mold. More complex part designs may be initially more expensive, but they can save plenty of time and money for long production runs. However, if the mold can’t last long enough, then repairs can become costly. Balancing the quality required of the mold with the costs of designing and manufacturing it is important.

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