Choosing the Right Local Injection Molding Service: Key Considerations

Feb 27, 2024

Choosing the Right Local Injection Molding Service: Key Considerations

There are thousands of suppliers of injection molding services out there, and finding the right one can seem like a monumental choice to make. If you decide to go local, you’ll enjoy the benefits of proximity and relatively quicker turnaround times, but this only narrows down the choices a little. Here are some of the key considerations when you’re choosing the right injection molder for your next project.


Proximity is a given with a local company–but it also brings many benefits, such as lower shipping and transportation costs, improved turnaround times and flexibility, and better communication and service. While certainly not the most important factor in your decision, it’s still something to keep in mind in your search, especially if you’re in need of fast turnaround times.


Always make sure to do your research–does the company you’re considering specialize or have any experience in your particular market or industry sector? Certain industries require very specific certifications or regulatory compliance, especially for equipment that has some impact on a person’s safety or health, like in medical equipment or aerospace manufacturing.

Specialization also refers to the production volumes that the shop typically handles. An injection molder that takes on projects with hundreds of thousands units is set up very differently from a shop that only does 100 to 1000 units. Make sure to match the project needs with a company that is set up to take on projects with your production volume requirements. They’ll have the equipment, knowledge, and capabilities available and ready to take on your project.


Quality is an important part of any sector of manufacturing. This concept doesn’t just include regulatory compliance–it also covers an injection molding company’s in-house quality management system and quality control methods, as well as the level of service that they provide to their customers. To get a sense of a supplier’s quality systems, you can call them directly with your questions, view testimonials or reviews from past clients, as well as see if there are any relevant standards that they meet.

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