Darter Plastics is a custom injection molding company located in Becker MN. Founded in 1985, Darter now has 27 employees working three shifts, five days a week.

Our primary service is injection molded parts. We have 15 presses ranging from 45 ton up to 400 ton. We mold all thermoplastic materials in almost any color, and are able to grind everything we do not use to run back through the machines, leaving virtually no scrap. We work with many local companies, but also ship product to China, Singapore and Mexico.

One example of a long term local partnership is with X-cel Optical out of Sauk Rapids. We deliver the finished product for no charge because of their location (only 20 miles). More importantly, we can re-mold the product after they are done using it in their lens making process. We re-grind the product and mold it again and again. We run most of their products out of 75 percent regrind, providing a substantial cost savings to them as well as keeping the parts out of the landfill. It is a “win win” partnership for both companies.

Some other companies we work with include Arctic Cat, Cummins, Manitowoc Ice, Tyco, and Frabill.

In addition to injection molding, Darter Plastics also offers pad printing, hot stamping and assembly services. Pad Printing uses a silicone pad to transfer ink onto any surface. It is unique because you can print on curved and dimpled surfaces like a golf ball. The finished print is very clear and durable. Hot Stamping uses a foil tape along with heat and pressure to transfer an image onto a flat surface.

Our Assembly area utilizes many different processes to put together various parts for a number of companies. These parts include drive assemblies for a packaging company as well as water probes for use in commercial ice machines. Some examples of assembly operations include spot welding, soldering, ultrasonic welding, gluing, drilling, taping, and packaging. Some products are ready to go directly from our shop floor to the shelves of the big retailers.

Darter also offers engineering/design services and in-house mold making capabilities. We will take an idea from concept to completion.